Treating Functional Bowel Disorders


Any specific conditions which are diagnosed (e.g. reflux, hiatus hernia, gallstones) can be treated appropriately and this may then reduce the background level of functional bowel symptoms.

The management of functional bowel disorder itself usually involves a multi-disciplinary approach involving dieticians, gastro-enterologists and possibly specialists across other fields. South West Reflux work closely with a team of experts who can offer different insights into this holistic nature of care.

Our patients say . . .

A quick note to say thank you for my cholecystectomy – absolutely brilliant.

Whilst it is difficult to completely cure functional bowel disorder, it is certainly possible to improve the symptoms and the detrimental impact they have on quality of life. Factors which give rise to functional symptoms vary tremendously from individual to individual. Detailed, person-specific information gives us the objective evidence to start the process of optimising management of your condition.

If you are suffering, or think you are have a functional bowel disorder and are looking for a definitive diagnosis or wish to consider possible treatment options contact the South West Reflux team today.

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